Sapporo Style

In Sapporo, presents come from the snow.
Thanks to the snow, people gather at Sapporo Snow Festival and Olympic Games.
Thanks to the snow, there is water in summer, and salmons come back in the river. Food, sea, and mountains become rich.
Thanks to the snow, summer shines.
Sapporo Style is a brand that centers on Sapporo lifestyle.

This branding aims at building an industrial network that will enter into business by using the strength of the brand of Sapporo City, and by cooperating with several industries and people.

  Sapporo Station connecting directly! The Introduction of Sapporo Style Shop

Sapporo style products are sold at the entrance of the JR Tower Observation Deck.
We hope you consider them for presents or souvenirs.

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00
TEL 011-209-5501
Address: Kita 5, Nishi 2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo JR Tower East 6F, Observation Deck Entrance

  Introducing the Sapporo Style products

Here before you are the designs and products of the individualistic style of Sapporo.
We hope you consider them for presents or souvenirs.

Hatsuyuki (First snow)
Thinly paper-like soap made into the shape of a snowflake. When it is put under water, just like the real thing, it melts away bit by bit・・・
1,050 yen

Clock Tower Pop-Up Card
A series of Clock Tower pop-up cards with two views – winter snow and night time.
There are also two designs of native Hokkaido animals, the red-headed woodpecker and the flying squirrel.
360 yen

Antique Music Box CD
A CD made from music inspired by the sounds of Hokkaido’s wilderness. There are 5 to 6 tracks on each CD.
Let the sound of the music box relax and soothe you.
500 yen

This lunch box incorporates a cold storage function.
If it’s in this box, your lunch will never spoil no matter how hot the day!
From 840 yen

Wooden Zoo
Wooden toys that feel warm to the touch, made in the image of the animals in Sapporo’s Maruyama Zoo.
All the materials come from Hokkaido’s forests.
From 200 yen

Savon de Siesta Soap
A gentle soap series that uses materials from Hokkaido.
From 840 yen

Sakura Sheet
A sheet designed using the colors of nature.
We recommend using it for a flashy picnic in the park!
It can also be used as a tablecloth.
Open Price

Hokkaido Dialect Card Game
Cards with the particular dialect of Hokkaido on them, with a pronunciation CD included.
1,890 yen

Frost Pillar
The light in the northern countries glows coldly.
This candle was made in the image of severe but dynamic mid-winter Sapporo.
2,625 yen

Snowball Candle
When the wick is lit, light flickers out of the ceramic shell, creating a beautiful effect.
2,100 yen

Card Stand
It can be used to prop up postcards or message boards.
630 yen